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Heated Slippers- Thermal therapy slippers for comfort and warmth

If you live in a climate that it is cold during the winter months, then Heated Slippers may be the answer to all of your prayers. What could be better than arriving home from work on a cold or wet evening and slipping your feet into a pair of heated slippers? You may even need to go outside and shovel the snow off the sidewalk. Well when you arrive back indoors you are certain to feel cold, so place your feet inside heated slippers to get that immediate toasty feeling.

 Outdoor Winter Sports Benefit from Heated Socks and Slippers

Maybe you are an enthusiast of winter sports such as skiing, ice skating and other outdoor winter sports activities. If so, then imagine how comfortable it would be to your feet to place them inside a nice pair of heated slippers when you arrive home.

One of the most popular brands of thermal slippers are those of CosySoles. They are available in different colors including black, green and cranberry, and are available in different sizes.

Microwavable Slippers Are Filled with Heat Absorbing Grain

CosySoles are a bootie type slipper. A natural and sterilized grain is included in the Microwavable Slippers, which retains heat for extended periods of time when they have been heated in the microwave. This is what makes this type of thermal slippers unique. The beneficial qualities of these thermal slippers is that due to their design, heat is allowed to cover the entire surface of the feet whist at the same time enabling the wearer of the slippers to walk comfortably in them.

There are also those heated slippers with herbal aromatherapy. These slippers are a great way to warm up feet if you have circulation problems. They are also very beneficial for diabetics or simply for giving yourself instant warmth. One of the best parts about the heated slippers with herbal aromatherapy is that the slippers do not need to be removed in order to reheat them.

You simply need to take off the removable aromatherapy bead pack and reheat it in the microwave. The heated slippers are made using 13 different aromatherapy herbs and beads that are 100% natural and are perfect for healing and relaxing.

Hot and Cold Foot Therapy Is Obtained with Bead Filled Slippers/Socks

If you require hot therapy, then you simply need to microwave the pack and apply it to the affected area. The packs can also be frozen for cold therapy. The packs are made with pure flax seed beads and herbs. They do not contain any fillers that include rice or barley, which are cheaper, but they will not provide the even distribution of heat.

Thermal slipper not only warm up your feet, but they also improve blood circulation and relieve foot pain together with swelling. The heat penetrates the reflexology points in your feet. Is there really anything better than that for your feet?

Plug into Your Computer for Some USB Power Warmth Slippers

There are also available USB foot warmers. Imagine the relaxation and carefree sensation of the shoeless wonder that is the USB heated slippers. These thermal slippers are highly convenient and snug. They are made of a velvet-soft material and will result in your feet becoming so toasty that they almost glow.

USB thermal slippers are a one-piece set which contain two compartments, one for each foot. They are available in either brown or white and have an attached USB cable and plug. USB heated slippers can be plugged into any PC or laptop and they will begin working immediately. We want to help you with information and resources so that you can find the right pair of slippers to suit all your personal needs.

Microwave Slippers-Therapeutic Heat Therapy For Your tired Feet
Microwave Slippers may be the exact product you are looking for if you are trying to find a way to relax your feet or help when they begin to ache. Heat pain therapy is a great way to relieve this discomfort. A top example of products that manufacturers have to offer are the microwave slippers. Heated slippers have become a very large blessing for people with minor aches and pains in their feet. Heated slippers are not just to keep your feet warm, but they will also assist with arthritis pain and also insomnia.

Slippers Directory-Resources, reviews, comparisons
The Slippers Directory provide you with helpful links to resources that can help you find the exact pair of slippers that you will need. There are many different variety and styles of slippers to choose from and in order for your feet to be happy and comfortable you need the proper slippers footwear.

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